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How to Run the Perfect Board Meeting

A successful board meeting requires some level of focus. From putting the meeting into order to adjourning the meeting once the time is up This kind of planning can make a huge difference. If attendees feel that their time and knowledge are appreciated, the more interested they will be in the outcomes of each meeting. Here are some easy tips on how to get there.

The meeting will begin at Time

Be careful not to overbook your board meetings, especially for meetings that are held in person. It’s not ideal for attendees to feel disengaged or they’re wasting their time. It is also helpful to give your attendees an opportunity to review the board pack and other materials prior to the meeting – either a full board deck or an easier memo/Notion document.

Keep to the Agenda

A well-structured structure is the best way to ensure that the board meeting is productive. This means not adding new items to the agenda in advance, requiring attendees to read the materials prior to the meeting and establishing expectations for each agenda item based on how long it will be discussed. This will ensure that the board meeting stays focussed and will prevent any tangents.

Make sure that every item on the agenda has a clear end purpose – are you searching to gather information, reach an agreement or making a decision? This will help you keep the board meeting productive by avoiding distractions and allowing you focus on the most important issues. Distributing the minutes of the board within 24 hours following each meeting will reinforce decisions taken and ensure that decisions are taken quickly and effectively.

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