We are Valentine Sleepwear, located in the heart of Switzerland at Engelberd 6390, in the imported pajamas online store segment.

When you make a purchase at Valentine Sleepwear, you provide us with some personal information in order to make your operation possible. Valentine Sleepwear values the security of your data, respecting your privacy and transparency with you, and thus, we dedicate this document to explain how your personal data will be treated by Valentine Sleepwear and what measures we apply to keep it safe.

The customer of our website www.valentinesleepwear.com accepts this Privacy Policy and authorizes the company to store and use the personal data collected, accorded with this policy. This statement is part of the terms of use of our Store and the acceptance of all the terms provided, at the time of registration, implies the acceptance of the policies transcribed here.

The privacy policy covers the treatment that our store will give to the information capable of identifying our customers, and which may be shared with our business partners in accordance with the conditions established.

Use of personal information

For fulfillment of our obligation and so that customers can carry out their purchases in a quick and secure manner, we will ask for some personal data. This information, in addition to allowing the offer of products and features that best suits the needs of each customer, has the following purposes:

– Develop internal studies on the interests and behaviors of our customers;

– Improve commercial and promotional initiatives, in order to improve our offers;

– Send information and messages by email about promotions and offers of our store;

Security and information storage

We observe all regulations applicable to the security of personal information, measuring and employing the most advances standers in terms of protecting the confidentiality of our customers information. Still, it is necessary to considerer thar perfect security does not exist on the internet. Therefore, our store will not be responsible for illegal interceptions or violations of its systems or databases by unauthorized personnel, nor is it responsible for the bad usage of the information obtained by these means. All personal data provided to our website are stores in a reserved and private database, with access restricted to authorized people, who are obliged by contract to maintain the confidentiality of the information and not use it inappropriately.

Tracking and cookie technology

We may use certain tracking technologies to collect information from activities carried out on our platform in a automatic manner. The information collected through such technologies is used for performance metrics, identify usage issues, capture general user behavior and collect general content data.

See below some of the technologies that may be present in Valentine Sleepwear


A cookie is a small file added to the user’s device to provide a personalized experience when accessing the platform. Cookies help to analyze internet traffic and allow us to know when the user has visited a specific website. A cookie does not give access to a computer nor reveal information beyond the data that the user chooses to share with us.


Pixels are pieces of Java Script code added to our applications, websites or in the body of an email, with the purpose of tracking and collecting information about the users’ activities, allowing the identification of their access patterns, navigation, interest and product purchases, optimizing the content targeting.


The Analytic tool may collect information about how users visit our website and which pages they visited and how they find specific pages, as well as other websites they visited before, among others applications.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, even after reading it, or if you need to interact with us about matters involving your personal data, you can do so:

Through our service channels:

[email protected]